What is Sefa Pool ?

Sefa Pool is a 3D billiards application available on App store and Play store in early access. Our App has been created to open the Billiards and Snooker sport universe to uninitiated people. We created an amazing space that is thought by and for players and pro players of all levels. Sefa Pool offers realistic and accurate playing conditions due to the multi-dimensional physics engine created by our prodigy Head Developer through devoted team work from each and every member of our dear organisation.

User Utility

Sefapool offers a rewarding experience and participation in competitions. With the aim of fueling their feeling of well-being and focus to achieve a better XP and master the highest ranking status possible ! Sefa Pool members to the top ! Sefa Pool is a powerful management tool, made available to existing billiard federations, amateurs and pro-players.

Strong Human Network

The app is therefore the world’s first online billiards federation with blockchain technology. We maintain our steady participative financial vision and overpower obstacles of online gaming, we approach naturally and mathematically data processes and bring together true valuable information, we transcend active followers impact on a strong human and IT network. Our unique ecosystem brings centralised economical growth to decentralized technology.

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Our unique multi-dimensional physics engine allows any effect to be reproduced as close to reality as possible

Statistic & Fact

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Team Ambassadors

World and European Champions Billiard

Tokenomics MAP of Sefa Token

To parents made headline the feedback connections

Keeps in circulation less than 1% of supply

Creation of liquid assets support outside the speculative market

Benefit from a passionate and stable human network with optimal and reliable technology

Recovery of the margin circulating through external liquidity

Transforming the polygon smart contract into a pure utility: checking profiles, data, prices, … and supporting the world of physical billiards

Tokens Distribution

Max Supply

Utility Control

Core Team 1%

Circulating Supply

Utility Token


Optimal utility by external liquidity support through internal clients database sponsporship


Self sufficient support free from market speculation


Independent economic production through federation network private sponsorship


Advanced management of private users database

Our crypto platforms

We Accept Any Type Of Currencies

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Discover our features

Unique tactile control of the point of impact
Unique touch control of the cue angle for multi-dimensional effects
360° distant view of the table
Blue chalk for better control effects
Infinite control of pool table colours
Unique multidimensional collision engine
Fair distribution of bets in tournaments
Customer acquisition through sponsorship
10% paid back for sponsorship

Mobile App Mockup

Elegant et utility Design

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Pro Billiards multi-dimensional physics in your hands

Best 3D Billiard App

Our Partners

Mesefa Partner around the World

The Belgium Billiards and Snooker Association is the Belgian umbrella organisation for snooker sport.

The Aramith ball set Used by players worldwide, they are recognised as the reference of the industry.

Cloth is one of the most functional parts of your table. After all, the pool balls roll on the cloth, not the slate.

Made from the finest Merino wools, the Strachan brand offers players exceptional performance

GotBit was founded in 2017. We lived through ICO boom, blockchain regulation and Binance Launch.

Sefa Pool is the first online world billard federation with a realistic multidimensional physics engine.

Physical Painting Collector

By Artist Maya Safar Sefa Pool design and graphics Team

  • Mesefa group support fund
  • Sefapool 3D App and development
  • SefaSnooker SefaEnglishPool finalising
  • Pro lobby finalising
  • Dev team growth

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